Y'all really need to get paint and photo editing apps out of my damn hands lol
  1. Y'all didn't ask but I don't care
  2. I'm watching the first episode of season 2 of twin peaks for the fourth time
    I have yet to get through it all
  3. I put makeup on for the very reason of updating my profile pic
    I was gonna update all of them but
  4. It looks like I put a highlight on my cheek
    But #nah I'm just oily? Greasy? Sweaty?
  5. I also debated in going with this one by I look way to ????? Dead inside????
    Also model serious me is 💯 kind of me
  6. Also I just finished eating arroz curtido and I'm on the couch #digesting and writing this li.st instead of paying attention to S2 E1 of Twin Peaks for the fourth time
    Also ya arroz curtido NOT Gallo pinto :-)))
  7. So while watching I got distracted by this guy
    And his whole dying his hair and basically having a small break down over his daughters muuuuudur *spoiler*
  8. And this happened
    The whole idea was this is me after ghosting on everyone after 15 yrs and I've decided yes it's time for me to jump back into those friendships
  9. I'm losing it
    Go wherever your imagination takes u my friends plz look at all the wonderful goodness that comes out of it. I was gonna post this to Facebook but I changed my mind
  10. I changed my mind I like it better with a baby pic of me lol
  11. :-)))