1. One of my classmates has a husband who had stage four cancer "he's all good now guys." You should've seen the way her hands shook, saying this. They met when they were 15.
  2. One of my classmates was being sexually harassed by a professor who's lab she was doing research in. He has tenure. She was kicked out of his lab, and he's still working.
  3. One of my classmates just recently switched his major to English and had no idea about the Senior Portfolio biz. He was like ??? Um.... And my professor was like talk to me after class homeboy I gotchu
  4. One of my classmates has a kid. She told a story about how she felt guilty about taking $5 she found. Went on to tell another story about finding $800 in the library and turning it in. she told a friend about it and that friend called into the library saying they lost $800 (they didn't).
  5. One of my classmates is in charge of all the social media for a magazine they're at.
  6. One of my classmates keeps trying to steal my seat. I'm not about that.
  7. One of my classmates has a child, and a wife who is a stay at home mother, who feels very negatively towards the feminist movement. She's read "those extreme feminists" who say 'you can't be a housewife' or whatever."
  8. ~~~~~~i had a class with this same professor this semester and i learned nothing about no one bc our class was rlly RLLY quiet~~~~~~