Thanks @biz for the suggestion! This list is long overdue but I was at the airport and caught the snippets of lots and lots of conversations.
  1. "Es feo no pueder se despedirse de su familia."
    "It's ugly nothing able to say goodbye to family." Immigration lady to no one in particular after a lady asked if she could go back to say goodbye to her family.
  2. "500 days of summer you'd be all about that movie."
    Smaller man to his taller man friend in a Real Madrid jersey.
  3. "Boarding in 3rd world countries is terrible, even the mention of the word, everyone gets up to board-in fact I'm gonna get in line now."
    Said by tall man in Real Jersey. I thought maybe he's like a Sky Miles type, but when I got on the plane he was sitting in economy class. So I was like ??????? Mmmkay
  4. "Tengo un hambre que me está matando."
    "I am so hungry it's killing me." Said by the father sitting next to me. He was so hungry he kept asking his wife is they had their credit card because he was buying himself a meal. He didn't because of complementary sandwich we were all given.
  5. "A mi me dieron el boleto y me fui así sin nada."
    "They gave me a ticket so I left just like that with nothing." Said by the man standing in front on me. He had only a cowboy hat. I saw him leaving the doors, and he wasn't lying he had nothing with him except him and his hat.
  6. "You're van left and our guy up and went to the bathroom WE had to go get him and tell him WERE READY TO GO!!"
    A group of four standing in line behind me for immigration. I think they went to Cabo?
  7. "So is Georgia real hickish?"
    Asked by the women standing behind me, still in line for immigration. A different line. Her husband responded no.
  8. "If you want I've got some orange in my bag I can loan you"
    Clemson Graduate student to Auburn Graduate.
  9. "It's a great opportunity to make new friends, to look a tvs that show the same thing over and over again"
    Immigration and Border Patrol worker giving people ideas on how to pass the time.
  10. "No, I get it. I understand."
    A guy at Starbucks to a girl. I'm sure he doesn't get it and he doesn't understand.
  11. "I'm having a little trouble with the 9th step."
    A guy to his sponsor at Starbucks. The making amends step. This guy had a lot to say about a lot of people in his life.