I feel like writing, also there's a character limit for titles.
  1. Should today's and yesterday's be apostrophed like that ?? My grammar is terrible. Is that bad, given my current status as an English major?
  2. I interviewed my grandparents today and I'm astounded at how paralleled our lives are after just two generations.
  3. Being loved is weird and I don't think I'll ever understand it. The absence of love is even weirder and don't want to understand it.
  4. I love my grandmothers hands, and my grandfathers flat-ass.
  5. My mother has given me life and everything I've ever wanted but she is not a woman I can talk too.
  6. I can understand why my mother is the way she is. She's an incredibly hard-working woman whose work ethic I aspire to have.
  7. Ringworm isn't even a worm. It's a fucking fungus.
  8. Babies are very cute, but I am terrified of having them.
  9. I keep thinking about that night when you said "you don't have a big anything." What the hell does that even fucking mean?
  10. Why the hell do some people post some of the things they post on social media, like why do you think it's okay to display your baby mama drama?
  11. I wonder who my cousin is talking to on the phone right now? Does she have a boyfriend, has her heart been broken before? Is that why she's choosing to go to college so far away from home?
  12. I have been thinking a lot lately and I have had no one to vomit too. I am very pensive, incredibly pensive and I really just want to talk it all out. But I know very few people who are willing to listen.
    Mainly because I am far from home.
  13. My heart and my soul are feeling very heavy. I don't know why. My hands are falling asleep, and that's my sign that I too should start to falling asleep.
  14. I thought about something else. I thought about how my Abuelita talked at length about the moment she met my Abuelito, the moment he asked for her hand and their wedding. But my Abuelito didn't mention any of the fluff, he told me the date, the month, and the year. I guess that's normal though, right?
    I just feel like that's significant for some reason.