1. i fell sleep on the train
  2. woke up and got off at the wrong station
    i was off by 3
  3. i went to the library to study for a midterm
    couldn't focus texted everyone in my contact list
  4. i thought about wanting to watch get out
    this kid in the library mentioned he like my hat
  5. and after talking for 3 minuets told him we should watch get out lol
  6. i went to class feeling unprepared for my exam
    i was right
  7. that exam was hella hard
  8. i went to meet up with my friend
    she meet up with another one of my friends
  9. they're both so nice
  10. i ran after my bus
    when i caught up to it the doors had closed
  11. i figured i'd wait for the next one, with the bus literally right in front of me
    people told me to just tell him to open the door
  12. so i did and he let me in lol
    i can't think of a better metaphor to describe me honestly
  13. i saw the moon
  14. i canceled on the kid cause me and my friends are supposedly hanging out tomorrow
    but that's a goddamn lie so now i have no plans for tomorrow
  15. which is very annoying