Thank for the request ☺️😘💕
  1. Given that I'm a first generation living in America you first wanna show your pride and wear the team jersey
    The older the jersey the better, because everyone knows the older jerseys are always best.
  2. Or you can wear a local team jersey
    That's Limeño and that's the worst uniform in the world their older ones a better but they're #winning
  3. Then you tell people that yes! I am Hispanic/Latina from El Salvador! When they ask you to speak Spanish for them smile :-)
  4. You look through photos from your trip their last December
  5. Static
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  9. Respetas a la cultura, la tierra, y la gente. You admire the beauty from which your blood originally flowed. You look to your parents and you thank them for their many sacrifices.
  10. You stand in solidarity among the struggles of the undocumented, because even though you are a citizen you have to remember that your parents were once standing in their worn out shoes.
  11. Then, you go to La Salvadoriñetia and you support a Salvadorian business woman!
    Not pictured curtido o la salsa roja o la horchata
  12. And you bring home some yuca frita for your dad and you listen and you listen to your parents tell stories about their childhood.
  13. Then you go to sleep under the full moon and you thank the world one last time before going to sleep.
  14. Then you go to Plaza Fiesta on the weekend and really party it out.