1. Things I Would Do For Money:
  2. sit
  3. try on lipsticks
  4. chill with dogs/cats not babysitting them but just hanging out
  5. be that non threatening person that rides public transportation that then leads the rest of the world to ride public transportation
  6. caption regular old peoples Instagram photos so they seem ~relatable~
  7. scream into the void
  8. cry
  9. get a boyfriend
  10. talk to someone on the phone
  11. ghost text for people
  12. have a child
  13. Things That Are Real Jobs:
  14. therapist
    i love when people talk to me about their problems
  15. write
    i love when i get to write about the people who come to me about their problems
  16. assistant boss
    can't be head honcho but shit i'll take the number 2 spot
  17. vlogger on youtube
    only i'd be me in my bed doing nothing
  18. famous
    for being famous
  19. house sitter
    i am going to sit in ur house and eat your phone and get paid thanks
  20. toilet cleaner
    honestly, my favorite thing to clean
  21. thinking these last few things aren't real jobs but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯