1. I haven't even rubbed the morning crust from my eyes before reading that ANOTHER black man has been murdered????
  2. It hasn't even been a full 24 hours?
  3. #BlackLivesMatter
  4. Don't come at me with that all lives matter bullshit? Don't. Because I saw that Louisiana man beating the living shit out of the white officer and you know what? That video ended with an arrest, so what does that tell you? Hmmm? A black man selling CDs is dead, and a white man assaulting an officer gets arrested? Hm.
  5. #BlackLivesMatter
  6. And don't be that person that shares these videos, they are gross, disgusting, and dehumanizing.
    That is a life we are watching being taken away, for what??????? And there is never a good enough answer to this question, because being black isn't enough to warrant murder, selling CDs isn't enough, being 12 isn't enough, being unable to breathe isn't enough, being a black woman isn't enough. These aren't answers, these are excuses and I am done and I am tired.