1. You asked me this as we were laying down in the grass at the park. We were looking up at the stars. I wanted to talk just cause it was nice to have someone to talk too, but I had nothing to say so we were quiet. That was until you broke the silence.
  2. I was thinking about whether or not you were going to kiss me. I was thinking about whether or not I wanted you too when you asked me.
  3. I hmmmm'd before responding to you, as I figured out what lie to tell you.
  4. I wasn't going to tell you what I was thinking, that would be like giving you the key to my heart. I'd never let someone in on the workings of my mind so I said,
  5. "I'm thinking about how I don't want to close my eyes."
  6. I don't remember your response, but I think it was the wrong answer. Maybe, I thought you'd get what I was trying to say. I'm always coding some hidden message into the things I say and do. All because I'm too afraid to actually say what I really mean. Full disclosure, I'm not sure what I meant.
  7. Regardless, you did end up kissing me and I tried to bury myself into the grass as your heart beat into my chest.
  8. You apologized and I felt so bad, and I laughed at how foolish I am. I told you too much afterwards. Me, trying to make up for me.
  9. As we were leaving the park I should've held your hand but instead I shoved my hands into my jacket pocket. I looked down the entire way trying to avoid the trail of geese shit lining the sidewalk.
  10. That was the last of you, and yet I can't help but relive that strange, weird, and magical night.
  11. "What are you thinking about?" I'll ask you whenever the universe throws us into the same path.
  12. Your response will inevitably break me.