Inspired by @jalven, this is the best list idea EVER because my Instagram is private and just for me πŸŒšπŸŒπŸŒ›πŸŒœπŸŒž
  1. β€’
    :-) let's begin!!!!
  2. β€’
    "Love is in the air and I'm allergic"
  3. β€’
    rooftop living rooftop dreaming
  4. β€’
  5. β€’
    🍊 p. II
  6. β€’
    🍊 p. III
    They were in season?
  7. β€’
    Me about a year ago
  8. β€’
    This picture of the moon
  9. β€’
    This shitty picture of the moon
  10. β€’
    On Esther Sunday when my went to this park so close to our neighborhood that we didn't even know existed.
    Also it was the beginning of Spring, look at all that pollen!
  11. β€’
    The day our family went to the park to walk and we laughed so hard.
  12. β€’
    This other picture of the moon.
  13. β€’
    followed by this picture of the moon with this caption
    Sorry!!, I'm so obsessed w/ u
  14. β€’
    Same place I wanted to do them in order of appearance but I just loved the idea of the same place at different times capturing different moods almost a year apart.
  15. β€’
    This was at the thrift store and I literally cried.
  16. β€’
    A poem from a book I got at the thrift store
  17. β€’
    My mother behind her Mother's Day flowers.