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  1. The way music brings people together
    There are some friendships I have made with people solely because we have similar music tastes. The way music festivals are really the coming together of people of all different types to experience a form different human connection, linked through music.
  2. The way music opens people up.
    In my different ways. In sharing a favorite artist, song of lyric that person is sharing a very personal part of themselves with you. In sharing a night out at the club dance is another way of opening up. In allowing the closeness of bodies, that closeness, that decision to permit that closeness is a form of opening up, of exposing oneself to another person.
  3. The different ways each listener experiences the same song.
    My sister is a lyrical listener. She listens to a songs lyrics. I, on the other hand listen to the production. My sister derives meanings from the lyrics, whereas a I derive meaning from the production value. Which is why a lot of the time I'll be shocked when me sister asks if we can listen to a different song because the lyrics to a song a depressing, because I won't even realize the lyrics are depressing. Although in fairness my music type is really depressing.
  4. The way music exists across all cultures.
    I find this so fascinating to me. I mean this in the sense that music existed in many different societies even when all these societies were oblivious to one another. It sort of enhances the idea of music somehow living inside of us. After Colonialism there was the merging of all these different instruments and dances. It's interesting the way music has evolved.
  5. The way music is for everyone.
    Music doesn't discriminate. Especially in today's day and age where music is very accessible classical music, opera music, country music, and rap music are all very accessible. Music doesn't exist for the high or low classes of society anymore, it exists and is accessible to those who are willing to listen.
  6. Music as a language.
    Do I really need to explain this? So much can be said in sharing a song with someone. People from different parts of the world can come together and understand one another based on the song they are both listening to. There's a connection with music that doesn't need to be explained. It just is. Music is a form of communication outside of words. It's wordless language experienced and understood with the emotions produced.
  7. Music is a wonderful lovely thing, y'all.