And it's not just "Mexicans" but I feel on the issue I have a greater understanding, voice, and connection to speak on it
  1. During this election cycle Donald has called "Mexicans" (read Latinos/Hispanics because that's what his non-PC self meant) rapists, criminals, and drug dealers.
  2. Donald has promised to build a wall and deport 11 million illegal criminals.
  3. Now, lets go back in time.
  4. Remember Nixon and how he coined the term "War on Drugs" as a way to implement Law and Order on counterculture groups i.e. black panthers, anti-war, hippies…
  5. With this rhetoric Nixon was able to plant a seed that led to the mass incarceration of black men.
  6. I can see the parallels calling for law&order
  7. Saying he's only going to deport the criminals when he considers all those who came here "illegally" as criminals.
  8. Don't you realize this will become another business model, deportation centers will be overcrowded calling for the building of more of these centers. They will need to poor tax money into the building of these centers that will supposedly create a "safer" country. Which is bullshit, pull up the facts and figures only a small # of undocumented
    Latinos are Dangerous drug dealing rapist criminals.
  9. We should really be asking whether building and spending on these so called "criminals" is worth it? Isn't it more economical to provide a process for the undocumented to BECOME documented? Wouldn't that do more to grow the country??????
  10. I'm scared for all my undocumented friends and their families, I'm scared for all my DACA recipients, I'm scared for all my Latinos here on work visas, I'm scared for all my Latino-Americanos who will in time experience more police profiling. I'm scared and I don't want history to repeat itself but I honestly don't know what to do.
  11. I am so overwhelmed with this information, with this knowledge that I'm in a stasis.