Inspired by @sarahte bc I realized today was also the first day I listed
  1. I listed 9x the first time I listed like,,,,????
  2. Already so obsessive and thirsty for likes
  3. Anyways these are them
  4. Got attention because of a list that asked people to share their first list. Also the wasn't my first list I'm pretty sure my first list had to do with masters of none but I deleted it because it felt to bandwagon-y remember aziz? I h8 tht guy
  5. Finally got that damn album a year later
  6. Dumb long read about that one time at a bar in Athens Day 1 and already sharing shit!!
  7. Very important list that I felt went under appreciated and got attention after sharing that I thought it went under appreciated
  8. 3 likes! And that was when I published!!! Amazing
  9. ????? Good 4 u
  10. Me being #thirsty
  11. Dumping ground for these pics
  12. Honestly?
  13. I find it incredible that I published this many times in one day at one point copying and pasting all these damn links made me think something was wrong and list somehow got all the dates wrong BUT NOPE
  14. Wow anyways happy one year on this app that has exposed me to some really smart incredible funny people
  15. Y'all r so gr8 all of u
  16. Luv u all