Let's begin
  1. Last night I had a dream about me and a shark.
  2. Not a Kenny the shark kind of shark but a real life actually shark.
    Like that one. He felt cartoony but he was very much a realistic looking shark.
  3. Anyways me and this shark were in love.
    Any of y'all seen world of tomorrow, where the girl falls in love with a rock weird things, well that's where i must've gotten the idea bc I was like wow she me.
  4. Like so in love that we decided to runaway together, because like all love stories, it was a forbidden love. It was a love my friends disapproved of.
  5. 🙄 anyways...
  6. In true fashion I was like fuck that we're in love, he loves me (the shark was in fact a boy), we're doing this.
  7. We ended up on like this weird goose chase. Mind you he is a shark, so he does need water to maneuver his way, conveniently the town was kind of like a water town.
  8. So there were places where he could swim to escape the clutches of my friends trying to capture him.
    Weird. I'm telling you. Like my friends were literally fucking up the water system to dry up the path me and my shark lover were taking. It was wild.
  9. Anyways, it ends with him and me at like this little slim glass fish tank, and breaks through the water like this and I'm like flying past and because he breaks through like that he hits my stomach and the glass breaks,?? There's the flood of water and my friends catch up to us, and suddenly I want it all to end.
  10. That's how it's ended, and then I had a dream I was at Claire's for an entire day, it's was a terrifying dream highlighting my inability to confront people.
  11. Anyways lets analyze shark lover dream
  12. First of all, the shark. Let's examine why a boy, would manifest it's self as an actual shark.
  13. Sharks, Great White Sharks, are menacing creatures in our societies point of view (thanks Steven Spielberg) that will in simple terms hurts you, by coming after you, they will leave you bleeding out in cold water, as you try to swim back to shore with one arm.
  14. When, in reality, shark attacks are very rare, and not that menacing.
  15. So what does that mean about how I view boys,
  16. That guys are sharks, and after taking a bite of your heart they will leave you out to die.
    I don't want to get super into it, but that's the gist of it basically.
  17. But, why then was I willing to runway with this shark if guys are sharks??? You know, why runaway with the very thing I am terrified of?
  18. Clearing I'm not running away from commitment, I'm not running away from the relationship. It's kind of like I accepted the possibility of getting hurt and was still willing to give it a shot.
  19. Gross.
  20. Maybe some part of me deep down really wants to have a thing with someone (with all the boys I am leading on, I am tra$h. I have said this). So I'm like?????
  21. But for some reason I feel like the dream ended on a sour note.
  22. I feel like I didn't end up with him, I think he broke through the glass, and suddenly I wasn't into him anymore.
  23. The glass breaking may have been him breaking through all the walls I've built, and that punch in the gut was my realizing that suddenly I'm all vulnerable and exposed.
  24. It was the realization of "I can actually get hurt." This isn't just running around having fun. It's fighting for our love. After this, it means focusing on the relationship and getting to know one another on a deeper level. This is actual love. This is real.
  25. I am so disgusted at how deep this analysis is getting.
  26. This is as far as I'm willing to go.
  27. This was such a weird dream, and even though I already kinda knew all this stuff it wasn't nice having it re-presented to myself in suck a literal sense. It kinda makes me feel foolish for being so icky (literally I'm like 4), with love and relationships.
  28. Just another something, I know about myself that I can work on.
  29. Update: I'm taking it too far and I'm making fun of my emotional shortcomings so I did this
    Look at how happy we are.