1. Hello friends
  2. I woke up after riding the bus home
  3. And when I was getting up from my seat I saw a friend of a friend
  4. I said hello, because we did get Korean BBQ together and hung out a second time so not saying hi would've been rude af.
  5. We talking we saying words and shit
  6. When we get off I ask if he's already registered for classes next semester and he goes,
  7. "No. I'm actually planning on taking a semester off, because I'm starting a YouTube channel."
  8. To that I was like
  9. But then I quickly recovered and was very excited and happy for him.
  10. Honestly y'all......
  11. I feel like if you were going to start and a YouTube empire you're a couple years late.
  12. And by a couple years I mean maybe 10 years late.
  13. Everyone who was going to have a presence and make a living off YouTube is already doing it. I think it's too late and it'll be really hard to create a base.
  14. But whatever, I'm hating because I'm doubting and watch him be like uber famous in a few years.
  15. Whatever
  16. But srsly YOUTUBE????