To counterbalance "Things I Wish I Was".
  1. Green-eyed
    I have really nice eyes! They're small, but I have long, thick lashes, and they're bright green. I inherited my grandfather's gorgeous eyes and in the summer, specks of orange shine through the green.
  2. White
    I'm happy I'm white in times like these. White privilege is being angry at police brutality and Mosque attacks instead of fearing for my life. I commend poc for being so brave. Your courage and strength is beyond me. The same goes for all of my other privileges, such as being heterosexual and cisgender.
  3. Canadian
    I'm happy and proud to have Trudeau as PM. I know that if (God forbid) Trump gets elected, Trudeau won't let him harm us.
  4. A good employee
    So far, I have gotten every single job I have interviewed for. *Knock on wood*
  5. Great at makeup
    It's something I pride myself in. I have studied the science behind the products, the skin types, tones, etc. I could probably teach a class.
  6. A good listener
    When I was young, my mom told me: "A good listener doesn't just wait their turn to speak. They don't listen to the story and wait to give their input. They actually listen and don't feel the need to speak after." I've been following that advice since.
  7. An intersectional feminist
    Speaks for itself
  8. Healthy
    Hurray for working out and eating well!
  9. I'll add more as I think of things. Yay for confidence!
  10. @bjnovak It would be cool to see other people do this!