Everyone tells me not to do it, but I can't resist the deal$
  1. Holy shit this flight is so cheap!
    *get out the credit card*
  2. Spirit is a flying school bus.... oh well!
    I can deal with mild discomfort for a few hours! I'm #blessed to be able to travel in the first place. LEZ DO THIS
  3. Hmm luggage costs as much as the ticket
    Guess I won't bring any luggage! Personal bag only! I can pack lightly?
  4. This ticket was s0o0o0 cheap, I'm #treatingmyself for the rest of the trip
    Uber to the airport ✔️ magazine at Hudson News ✔️ nice coffee ✔️ candy ✔️
  5. Uughjgjgdkdj why is boarding an airplane so frustrating
    We have cured disease and figured how to get miniature computers in everyone's pockets yet we can't collectively figure out an efficient way to board a plane???? Smdh
  6. Wow I'm really close to the person next to me
    Might as well strike up a convo. Talking to strangers is one of my favorite things ever. I should start documenting all the types of people I have met on airplanes and at airports. "Humans of the the seat next to me on the airplane"
  7. DAMNNNN forgot to fill up my water bottle
    Even water costs money on this airline. *oh right, this is a flying school bus* 🙄
  8. *listening to Hamilton more intently than usual*
    Lin-Manuel Miranda REALLY fucking deserves that MacArthur genius award #HowLuckyWeAreToBeAliveRightNow #WorkWork
  9. Isn't it nuts that we are catapulted through the air in a giant hunk of steel
    *how does flying work* *stop thinking about it*
  10. Oooooohhh HEY I can work on my List App lists in airplane mode 💯
  11. What would history have looked like if Aaron Burr hadn't killed Hamilton?????
    PS I'm still annoyed that they want to put a woman on the 10 instead of the 20 #KickOffAndrewJackson
  12. Descent already?!
    I'm really so so so lucky to travel around the world, see new places, have adventures, see friends all over!!! Chicago, Indiana, Denver: here I come
    For me, this works 🙌🏽