Close Encounters With the Famous Kind

Is this weird? Probably. But I think it's fascinating how the mind can cement moments in time, like meeting famous people (no matter the relative obscurity), with such clarity
    This was at a Teachers Union rally in 2008 and by this time in the campaign, she was stumping for Obama. Being in the swing county of the quintessential swing state,Ohio, made it all the more special. My government teacher had invited students who were really pumped about the election to come to this small rally for union leaders and get a special taste for politics. In thinking about my educational experiences thus far, this has to be tops
  2. When I was in third grade I was kind of obsessed with Katie Couric. I woke up every morning with ~ America's first family, Today on NBC ~ and began my journey as a news junkie. I vividly remember her doing a special on UVA and decided I also wanted to go there. When I was in NY with my family, I waited outside her door after the show and met her! @katiecouric if you are reading this now... 'twas a pleasure to meet you!
  3. LL Cool J
    Ran into him at a Coach store in the mall. And being the precocious lil thing I was, I had to talk with him. I think this was circa his "control myself feat JLo" song and a time when coach bags were very in. This is a weird highlight of my life.
  4. Darren Criss
    Fellow Wolverine Darren Criss and I once tailgated together for a bit before a Michigan Football Game. I was trying to play it cool so I didn't tell him how much of I Gleek I used to be. The Warblers version of Teenage Dream remains one of my favorite YouTube videos ever. My friend and i watched it way too many times in the library when we should have been studying
  5. Edie Falco
    One time we *think* we saw her at Patsy's Pizza in Manhattan. This was at the height of her Sopranos fame and it seemed v cool at the time. I've actually never seen the Sopranos though.
  6. NEAR MISS: Nick Lachey
    Now that he has opened a bar in Cincinnati and was ~almost~ a Pot Kingpin of Ohio, people seem to see 90s heartthrob a lot in my hometown. But in 2005 when he was still riding high on newlywed fame, he came into the bakery I worked at. Unfortunately I had just gone home :-/
  7. One last thing - wouldn't it be hilarious and extremely strange if all of these people were in a photo together? I want it to happen.