fun tutorial
  1. eat no carbs/sugars the day before
  2. wake up early the next morning
  3. don't eat
  4. go to the hospital
  5. get an IV
    call and wait hour for IV team if you have bad veins
  6. be moved to warming room
    room intentionally kept hot for science purposes
  7. get fluids through your IV for an hour or so
  8. be injected with a radioactive isotope
    remember to flush the toilet twice for the rest of the year, and don't get too near any babies
  9. over the next hour or so drink super sugary lemonade drink as the first thing to enter your stomach all day
    for science purposes
  10. go to the bathroom
    flush twice!
  11. lay on the table
  12. be injected with IV contrast, experience extremely unpleasant warm sensation
    think: melting
  13. fall asleep
  14. wake up to beeping 50 minutes later
  15. get the IV taken out
  16. go to Chick Fil A
  17. wait anxiously for results
  18. repeat every month and a half