1. There are two types of people who say this.
  2. 1: Young people who do not watch SNL.
  3. Your parents or friends have showed you the classics. You have only seen the best few of the last 40 years. You are under the impression that every show was like that, and are disappointed when you watch an episode and it's not.
  4. 2: Old people who used to watch SNL.
  5. You used to watch it. You remember the classics, not the rest. You turn it on every now and then nowadays and are disappointed that every sketch does not make you laugh like the 10 you remember from 10-20 years ago. Some of the jokes you just don't get. That's ok, but that doesn't mean it's not funny.
  6. Saturday Night Live is a live comedy show. Some sketches fall flat, and some are remembered for a really long time. That being said, it takes time for a reputation to build around a certain sketch. Classics aren't born classics.
  7. Writing comedy is HARD. Performing comedy is HARD. Add on the live factor and the pressure of the expectation that what you create should still be quoted years later. Saturday Night Live is always amazing and always exciting and that fact that it even happens in the first place is reason to watch.