No unpackaged food from outside my kitchen for 60 days after transplant. Help me.
  1. Day +2: McDonald's fried chicken sandwich and fries
    I barely like McDonalds
  2. Day +3: My Noodles & Co. order
    elbow noodles with butter, parmesan, italian seasoning, and shrimp (extra parmesan on the side)
  3. Day +4: soft serve vanilla and chocolate swirl cone
  4. Day +4: one of those italian ice things that comes in an orange at the Renaissance Festival
    ren fest just started at home
  5. Day +11: Swimming
    not food related, but I really want to jump in some water
  6. Day +12: sno cone
  7. Day +12: Del's frozen lemonade
  8. Day +16: Rita's
  9. Day +17: Buffalo Wild Wings
  10. Day +18: Chick Fil A
    8 count nugget, fries, and a watermelon mint lemonade
  11. Day +18: root beer float
  12. Day +21: Pizza
  13. Day +22: Five Guys