Albums That Changed My Life

In no particular order.
  1. Futures - Jimmy Eat World
    This is the record that started it all. Before Futures, no song had impacted me enough to dig deeper. And then I heard "Work" and needed more. This record brought me to most of the others on this list.
  2. Infinity On High - Fall Out Boy
    I made my mom drive me to the mall on a Tuesday so I could buy this, and that was definitely the first time I ever felt the need to own the physical copy of a record the first second I could. I wore that CD down so much it started skipping. The first concert I ever attended was Fall Out Boy promoting this record. And so began my Fueled by Ramen era.
  3. !Viva La Cobra! - Cobra Starship
    ...which brought me to my scene kid faze. I obsessed over this record. Saw Cobra an absurd amount of times and met some of my greatest friends at those shows. I wore purple hoodies and neon Nike dunks every day because that was the uniform. (It goes without saying that this record coincided with my awkward faze.) Now I get to call Gabe a friend and send him stupid texts.
  4. Whisper War - The Cab
    This album was the first piece of music that made me believe in something bigger than myself. It inspired me to want to make something that other people could believe in. It was my best friend when I had none during that summer between middle and high school. It was the first vinyl I purchased. It was a lot of things and still is the record I put on when life gets a little too hard.
  5. Fearless - Taylor Swift
    Taylor's second album was my first real dive into country music. I was raised on country, but abandoned the genre as I got older and wanted to rebel against my mom. But then Fearless happened and it was like a light went off in my head. Taylor's songwriting has always been relatable, and this album made me want to explore the country world to find more of that. All of a sudden my mom and I had common ground again and it has become the foundation of our relationship.
  6. Aaron's Party (Come Get It) - Aaron Carter
    I mean, this was the first record I ever bought.
  7. Blink-182 - Blink-182
    At some point in every teenager's life they discovered Blink-182 and entered full angst mode. I found this band - specifically this record - right when I needed it. I was far too young to find Blink before this release, and even still didn't stumble upon this album until after they disbanded, but they became the anthem of my emo, middle school years. So many skate shoes.
  8. The Way I Fell In - The Morning Of
    Before this album came out I was blissfully unaware about how unfair the music industry can be. But when this record didn't get heard, I started to understand that hard work and talent don't necessarily result in success. This realization changed how I approached my own career in music and forced me to play the game a little different.
  9. Reach For The Sun - The Dangerous Summer
    The first love of my life hopped in a van with his friends from high school and this record took that van to a venue in New Jersey where I met him and eventually fell in love with him.
  10. American Kids - My Girl Friday
    The little EP that could. MGF was the first band to fully believe in me and my abilities - as both a photographer and a manager/publicist hybrid. We pushed these songs as hard as we could. They took me on my first tour (that I booked) and made my senior year of high school a hell of a lot cooler than it would have been.
  11. The Lion King Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer, Elton John, Tim Rice
    Legitimately the only music I listened to between 3-5. Very important. A fucking masterpiece.
  12. Hell's Kitchen Angel - MAX
    CHEESE ALERT. I'll keep this short. I love this kid, and I'm honored that I get to capture the visual elements of his first record cycle. This record hasn't changed my life yet, but it's going to.