And how they fit into my adult life.
  1. Aaron Carter
    Very explicitly told me I have a great ass.
  2. Frankie Muniz
    Once told me he was a fan of my magazine.
  3. Jesse McCartney
    Definitely still listen to "Beautiful Soul" on the regular.
  4. Pete Wentz
    I feel awkward about this now.
  5. The Sprouse Twins
    Also awkward, now.
  6. Gabe Saporta
    We're pals.
  7. Drake Bell
    We did a photo shoot once and it was underwhelming.
  8. Chad Michael Murray
    Okay I'm not over this one.
  9. Adam Brody
    Not over this one either.
  10. Shia LaBeouf
  11. Orlando Bloom
    Not embarrassed about this one.
  12. John Stamos
    This one is more appropriate than ever.
  13. Rider Strong
    Reignited a la Girl Meets World.
  14. Joshua Jackson
  15. Zac Efron
    Honestly this one is more prevalent than ever.