1. Okay so this is the guy no one wanted to believe died. He seems stressed.
  2. Feel like "The Lady" isn't stoked to find out there's no Heaven or Hell.
    Cool name, though.
  3. What year does this take place in?
  4. Does this take place in Ireland?
  5. Can appreciate a good dick joke.
  6. Hate this girl on the boat. Her voice sucks.
  7. Wait. Is this the chick from Skins?
    She's more annoying now.
  8. So what are the "thrones" fighting over?
    I want to ask questions but I don't want my friends to hate me.
  9. Someone just got stabbed over someone else's sister I think?
    But I thought they were on the same team.
  10. Oh that was all in his head. That's weird.
    Or ~the past.
  11. I now understand the Khaleesi reference in Max's song.
  12. "Mother of Dragons" sounds like a cool job.
  13. This man with the beard seems very fun to drink with.
    These other two people are missing out.
  14. Everyone just laughed at a joke.
    I didn't get it.
  15. This king looks 10.
    I feel like this is problematic.
  16. Oh this chick is on the cover of Nylon this month.
    That's chill.
  17. What's up with her eyes though?
    But also why is she being beaten with a stick?
  18. Wait did they TAKE her eyes?
    That's rude.
  19. Okay now she has eyes again I guess.
    How long did she not have eyes for?
  20. They put the animal head on the table and I turned to @Dustin and before I could ask he goes "don't worry about it."
    My friends are not supportive of my effort to understand what's happening.
  21. Is Jon Snow's last name "Snow" because it seems to always be snowing in his kingdom?
  22. Jon Snow is kind of hot.
  23. Everyone just flipped out at the ending and I'm like oh.
    I didn't even realize it was over?
  24. I didn't hate this show.
    But I probably won't watch it again.