In honor of her 23rd. La la love you, @Debby ❤️
  1. Her sense of adventure.
    Whether it's a new hair color, a spontaneous trip or a weird looking juice in my refrigerator, this girl just goes for it.
  2. She as is selfish as she is selfless.
    This is an underrated quality. I appreciate any human who understands that sometimes you need to put yourself first and that's okay. It's important to find this balance. She's done it.
  3. Her unwavering love for music.
    We are friends because we agreed that Fueled by Ramen's roster circa 2005-2010 was very important to our emotional development.
  4. She is mom.
    One time I was too hungover to move and she brought me a bagel in bed.
  5. She fights with her heart.
    And will fight for your heart.
  6. She eats carbs.
    This is a rare find in Hollywood.
  7. She laughs at my really bad jokes.
    Like when I tell our waiters that she works in childcare. Hey, Jessie.
  8. She entertains my requests for her to set me up with her attractive co-stars.
    At least, she's really good at pretending to.
  9. She eats the oranges.
    I drink the beers.