Do not even TALK TO ME about how The CW starts its fall season in October. I need my fantasy fix STAT. But anyway, thoughts on shows that had their season (or series) premiere between 9/19-9/25. Spoilers and stuff if you're a TiVo hoarder/Hulu abuser.
  1. MONDAY:
  2. Gotham
    I love any show that blurs the line between the good guys and the bad guys. It is clear that with this season, each character will straddle that line at one point or another. I'm interested to see where older, recently recast Poison Ivy fits on that spectrum. I am very into Jamie Chung joining the cast - I think she's wonderful. Highly anxious to meet The Court of Owls.
  4. New Girl
    Schmidt and Cece are so wonderful together. Nick looks like he lost weight. I'm really not a shipper of Jess/Nick and will be bummed if that's a major focus of this season. Overall, funny episode, as always.
  5. Scream Queens
    Giphy downsized medium
    I truly hate this show and do not know why I watch it. But if they really did kill Chanel #5, good riddance.
  6. This Is Us
    Was really starting to lose me until the plot twist at the end. Now I'm VERY into it.
  8. Modern Family
    This show is a goddamn national treasure and is consistently hysterical. Also, I love that Joe is fully speaking now.
  9. Empire
    If someone could explain this episode to me, that would be great. Who invited French Montana?
  10. Designated Survivor
    I was fully committed to this show within minutes. I am interested in all of the characters and I am rooting for this president.
  12. Grey's Anatomy
    Fantastic premiere. I was stressed out the whole time. I love that the entire episode was Alex being Old Alex, but in the end, he proved he really has changed and takes responsibility for his actions. I'm very worried about what comes next, though. (If you stopped watching this after Derek died you are missing out.)
  13. The Good Place
    First of all, I HATE when shows premiere on a different night from when they are airing. I was very confused. I only watched the first episode (there were THREE last week) but it's light and fun and Kristen Bell is as delightful as ever.
  14. Pitch
    TALK ABOUT A FUCKING PLOT TWIST. This is a fucking show. If you did not watch this, fucking WATCH IT. I think it's going to move forward and discuss gender and race in a very digestible way, and knowing that young girls are watching this, I am very eager.
  15. Notorious
    Well, it's no Scandal, but I'm into it.
  16. How To Get Away With Murder
    Guys. What the FUCK. This season is going to be wild and I literally have zero guesses as to who dies. Also, Frank looks like a completely different person but still hot as fuck. HOW? Also bb Connor please don't cry you don't deserve heartbreak!!!!
  17. SUNDAY:
  18. Secrets and Lies
    The first season of this show was fucking brilliant and this season is looking like it will be just as stressful and wonderful. Love the focus family already.
  19. Quantico
    Ryan Booth is so perfect. I can't believe I forgot to put him on my TV crushes list a few weeks back. But I loved last season and I like how this season is setup already. Alex is such a badass.