Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

It's 5:00 a.m.
  1. This one of Pokemon Go
    because the Ratatta and the Pidgey have morphed together.
  2. This pic of my best friend and my mom
    because I guess nothing interesting happened to myself on this specific day.
  3. My Instagram comments
    because this happens daily.
  4. Words I wrote about a boy and posted on Tumblr
    because I was going to tweet it and didn't.
  5. Pokemon Go, again,
    because you can clearly tell that I am playing while using a public restroom.
  6. A recent Google search
    because I am aggressively single.
  7. A song
    because I wanted someone else to listen to it.
  8. An email
    because like I said, this happens daily.
  9. This Tumblr post @stacymichelle reblogged
    because FEELS.
  10. A Snapchat I posted
    because my abs look good.
  11. A text convo with my best friend
    because it was too shameful not to save.
  12. And this Tumblr post
    because same.