Prefacing this by saying my crew is wonderful and could not give less of a shit that I have a vagina, and that my boss is super here for equality. These questions all come from people who I like to call "dumb people".
  1. "Are you dating him?"
  2. "So which one in the band is your boyfriend?"
    None of them, and that will never change.
  3. "Does he pay you?"
    Well, it is a job.
  4. "So do you have to wear make-up all the time?"
    (This one blows my mind.) No, I'm not getting all dolled up to sit in an airport just because I'm traveling with boys.
  5. "What's it like being the only girl?"
    I'm not sure. Most of the time I think they forget I don't have a penis.
  6. "What are you going to do if you start dating someone?"
    Probably text them before/after flights and not change anything else.
  7. "Do they censor themselves around you because you're a girl?"
    Not even a little bit.
  8. "Do you always get your own hotel rooms because you're the only girl?"
    That'd be nice.
  9. "How do you shower on tour with boys around?"
    Uh, standing up and with the door closed?
  10. "So are you like, their assistant?"
    No, my official job title is photographer/videographer, but I make a point to help out with other tasks when I can. Sometimes this means carrying guitars and sometimes it means coffee runs. We're a team; we all pick up the slack when we need to.
  11. "Aren't your parents worried about you traveling the country with a bunch of boys?"
    No. No one is messing with a girl surrounded by 2-4 dudes at all times.
  12. "Are you like, a super fan that got lucky?"
    Nah, luck has nothing to do with my career. But I definitely am a super fan.