Speaking from personal experience. Please add your own!
  1. "What filter do you use?"
    I don't. I spend hours in Lightroom making my photos look like they do.
  2. "What type of camera do you use to make your pictures look so good?"
    I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III, but that's has very little to do with why my photos look good.
  3. "What settings did you use for this shot?"
    Does it matter? Even if you replicate all of my technical settings, your photos will still not look like my photos.
  4. "I can give you credit on Instagram..."
    That's great, but the grocery store across the street from my apartment unfortunately does not see Instagram followers as a valid form of currency.
  5. "It won't be for print, just online stuff."
    Nothing is for print anymore. Online is everything. And regardless, it's still being used to benefit you in some way. So pay me.
  6. "Can I get the RAW files?"
    Absolutely not.
  7. "How much does your camera cost? Your photos look great!"
    Thank you, it costs a few months rent. But that doesn't matter.
  8. "Why did you go to school for that?" / "Why didn't you go to school for that?"
    Whatever path you choose in pursuing this career is valid. I went to school for photography, but I don't think it's necessary. Regardless, don't question my decision after I just dropped $200k.
  9. "How did you get this job?"
    By being talented.