In a good way.
  1. Your friends becoming friends.
    It doesn't mean they like each other more than you, it means you surround yourself with good people.
  2. The words "I trust you".
    Many use them sparingly; know what it means when you hear them.
  3. "Good morning" texts.
    AKA "you're the first thing I thought of after I hit the snooze button 16 times" texts.
  4. A heartfelt apology.
    People throw "I'm sorry" around so casually, but a genuine apology and an understanding of one's wrongdoings speak volumes.
  5. A suggestion from an acquaintance.
    Whether it'd be a show, a book or a restaurant, a suggestion from someone you only kind of know means they want to have more to talk about with you.
  6. Phone calls and FaceTimes.
    I have three long distance friends that I regularly talk to on FaceTime or on the phone, and I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm closer to those people than most. If someone takes an hour out of their day to catch up, keep them close.
  7. Compliments
    Accept them; don't pretend you don't deserve them.
  8. When someone shares their pizza.
    They really didn't have to.