Aside from the first eight episodes of Season One, which I had already watched. @girlshbo
  1. I think I relate to Shoshanna the most because she talks fast and has a thing for 30-something-year-olds who act like 25-year-olds.
  2. She also had that wild faze of self discovery post-Ray that I really connected to.
  3. I wish I was 1% as comfortable in my sexuality as Jessa is.
  4. Jessa and Adam are so much better for each other than Hannah and Adam.
    Is this the unpopular opinion?
  5. Though Adam being so there for Hannah during her OCD episodes was the sweetest.
    But probably just goes to show that needing to save someone doesn't necessarily mean you need to be in love with them.
  6. Season One I like, really wanted to be Marnie. But Season Five when she went back to the guy that destroyed her, I realized I was Marnie.
  7. I admire Hannah's ambition because I see it in myself, but her narcissism is so frustrating.
    Probably because I can relate to that part of her, too, but don't want to admit it.
  8. Elijah is perfect. Literally he can do no wrong.
    He reminds me of my roommate, in the best way. (My roommate is much less of an asshole, dresses cooler and definitely doesn't think he's bi when he's too drunk.)
  9. Marnie and Ray make the most sense to me.
    But it was so on brand of her to only see how great he was after he succeeded professionally.
  10. This is how I feel this week.
    College, man.
  11. I hated Hannah the most when she was dating Fran, the nice guy.
    Because it forced me to reevaluate my dating history and realize I also treat nice guys like dirt.
  12. I have seen @lenadunham naked more this weekend than I have seen myself naked in the last month.
  13. The whole gay dad storyline seems unnecessary if it doesn't lead to Elijah hooking up with him.
  14. If I never see Adam's sister Caroline again, it will be too soon.
  15. I can't believe it took five seasons for Hannah to admit she's dramatic.
    Like, did she think she was a super chill person up until the finale?
  16. I went into the last episode thinking it was the series finale and was very upset.
    This is not the case. They are doing one more season.
  17. This is my favorite quote.
    I really love* Shoshanna. (*by love I mean I hate her the least.)
  18. Mimi Rose is every negative stigma there is about feminists rolled into one, unlikable human.
    "I choose me."
  19. Marnie is like, not the greatest singer or songwriter and I think someone should tell her?
    I know Elijah tells her all the time but he doesn't count.
  20. I can't believe Marnie got married to that dude she barely knew.
    Like, she's so much of a planner?
  21. I'm still so confused about when exactly Hannah and Adam decided they were going to break up.
    Maybe I wasn't paying attention but whatever.
  22. I think quitting grad school was the worst decision Hannah made because if she wants to be a writer, she needs to learn to accept criticism.
    And if the season finale was any indication, she's going back to writing, so...
  23. This feels on par for my friend group so I will close with this.
    Disclaimer: I have never punched @Debby. I only bit her that one time.