~*~ SVA cLaSs Of 2016 ~*~
  1. The only reason I care about not failing any classes is because I never want to sit in a classroom again.
    Also, my mom would slap me.
  2. The thought of hanging up my art degree somewhere embarrasses me.
  3. When my ex and I used to talk about getting married, I made him promise he wouldn't propose until I finished college.
    So this week is an acute reminder that my life could be very different right now.
  4. The best photos I took in college were taken when I took a one month leave.
  5. I wish my school had a mascot.
    Maybe we do?
  6. Art school is not the place for commercial photographers.
    Very little people encouraged me to make the work I was making over the last four years, but I very much appreciate the ones who did.
  7. I didn't really make any friends.
    I could have tried harder, but there are no more than three people in my graduating class that I think I'll ever speak to after this week.
  8. I'm so glad to be done.
  9. Am I supposed to decorate my graduation cap?