Disclaimer: I am more obsessed with this show than ever. The writing this year has been incredible and watching Mindy become the independent woman we all knew she could be had been very rewarding for me, a committed viewer since Day 1. But I'm not a savage so obviously this Mindy/Danny drama punched me in the feels. I kept track of all my feels.
  1. I loved how this season started out with Danny fighting for Mindy.
    I tried to keep this in mind the entire season, hoping it was some sort of foreshadowing.
  2. I literally spoke the words "you fucking dickhead" at my television when Danny suggested Mindy stop working for good to take care of baby Leo.
    I was partially raised by a nanny until I was 7 and I turned out FINE.
  3. I thought the whole "Danny rushes to help nurse his estranged father back to health" storyline was brilliant.
    Because he was doing such a nice thing, but I hated that he was doing it, and I think that was the whole point.
  4. I will never not love a good "quirky couple tries to get their infant child into an elite daycare/school" plot.
    This episode also made me want to slap Danny for NOT BEING THERE. And made me worry about Jody. I do not ship this Jody/Mindy thing 1%.
  5. When Danny finally came home I wanted to slap him more.
    Like, homie, why would your fiancé want to have another baby with you right away when you have been gone for literally months? And if you think she'd be chill with being super pregnant at her wedding you're nuts.
    Man, Danny was a dick back then. But then he was nice, and I thought the flashback may be a sign that Mindy and Danny were on their way back to happiness. But NOPE. Fucking rude.
  7. That scene in episode 14 where Mindy finds the lipstick in Danny's medicine cabinet was as heartbreaking as it was empowering.
    I like that she didn't think for a second that she should ignore this red flag and go on pretending things were fine.
  8. As someone who is almost exclusively interested in older men, I still cannot get behind Jody.
    What type of sane human being thinks shopping for grandfather clocks is a date?
  9. When Mindy finally takes the initiative to start planning for her financial future, I started to believe that Danny would re-enter the picture and Mindy just needed to learn to be alone first.
    When she admits to Whitney that being a single mom wasn't in her plan I wanted to write a thank you letter to Hulu for saving this show because I can't remember the last time I saw the "funny girl" have a truly vulnerable moment on a network comedy.
  10. Kelly Kapoor coming on to Toby Flenderson has me feeling some type of way.
    Mostly discomfort.
  11. I started googling television support groups after the Mindy/Danny elevator scene in episode 17.
  12. "I'm going to do the honorable thing and ghost."
    I'm going to use this line for the rest of my 20s.
  13. Watching Danny and Mindy function as exes is really stressful for me because it makes me think they're not going to get back together.
  14. Honestly, I may ship Mindy with Pastor Casey more than I ship her with Danny.
    I would also pay good money* for a spin off about Pastor Casey. (*by good money I mean I would continue paying for my Hulu subscription.)
  15. "He's a photographer." "HUGE RED FLAG!"
    Thank you, Mindy, for explaining why I don't have a boyfriend.
  16. There is not enough Peter. There will never be enough Peter. BRING BACK PETER.
    I appreciated the Texas episode, though.
  17. I like Princeton guy but HE IS NOT DANNY.
    He seems really good for her, though.
    Honestly, this show was never made for a network. Mindy obviously has the mouth of a pirate.
  19. Of course Princeton guy doesn't like kids. He needed a flaw.
    You know, other than the fact that he is a recruiter for college sports. Which is the most unnecessary job there is.
    I am still confused about my feelings. Do I ship them? Why did the youths invent "shipping"? It just forces me to become extra invested in television shows. (I'm have an existential crisis.)
  21. I never want to see Mindy and Morgan kiss again.
    Okay jk that was hysterical.
  22. When Morgan listed the reasons why Mindy and Jody would be a good couple I started to back it.
    But then Jody with the apartment. Ugh. So conflicted.
  24. I think I need to date an OBGYN who works at a private practice because DAMN do Mindy and Danny have nice apartments.
    This is more of a mental note.
  25. Overall, by far the show's best season. Eager for next season.
  26. Give @mindy an Emmy.