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  1. A picture of my Neko Atsume yard when I first started out and thought being visited by three cats was an accomplishment
  2. The blurriest photo ever of WET at The Garrison, which was a magical experience
  3. A stewed pineapple recipe I screenshotted after learning that stewed pineapple pie was a thing
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Inspired by @amber
  1. Men who don't identify as feminists
    "What about international men's day?" "Rape culture is exaggerated." See yourself out.
  2. Women who don't identify as feminists
    "Because I don't hate men." Well, you don't say.
  3. Cilantro
    Ruining otherwise impeccable meals since the beginning of time
  4. Encroaching post-graduation adulthood
    Because neurons that fire together wire together, but how do mortgages work? Is job stability an ideology?
  1. WET
    Performed at the Garrison recently and it was just a magical experience. Their set was much too short.
  2. Kendrick Lamar
    Confession: I hadn't actually really listened to Kendrick until the Wayhome festival in the summer of last year. My friend wanted to go to his performance so we went, and I don't think I'll ever forget this performance. The energy was wild. Just amazing.
    I've actually seen them twice, so this would be a third time, but I know it's still be worth it. Beautiful stuff.
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  1. Various pastas
  2. A big heart
  3. Two floating heads yelling at each other
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  1. Is it quality content
  2. Probably not
  3. Should I post it anyway
  4. Probably
Things I have always/recently wondered
  1. Imagine how terrible we'd all feel if flowers and vegetables could feel themselves being ripped from the earth
  2. Are potions aqueous drugs? If so, is Hogwarts a lab for some hardcore stuff?
    On a related note, is Hermione the dealer we all need?
  3. Human memory is so awesome
    Like, we experience these pictures or facts created by this biochemical mass. And we can call upon them at will. So awesome.
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  1. Can't find my Metropass
    Adult fare is $3 upon entry and I live that student budget life
  2. Lost my keys
    Almost always
  3. Can't find my phone
    It's probably in/under my bed but sometimes I capitalize on ideal selfie lighting -- in which case, it could be anywhere
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  1. The Big Lebowski
  2. Inside Out
  3. The Lego Movie
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  1. Starbucks has brought back its sour-cream glazed doughnut.
    I thought I had lost it forever (maybe it's a Fall thing?) I wept for joy in the barista's arms.
  2. Halloween is coming
    Booze and chocolate and forgetting about responsibilities for a night
  3. I've thought of a Halloween costume
  4. My friend sent me a homemade apple cider recipe
    So now I don't have to spend $4 each time the cider beckons