In no particular order
  1. WET
    Performed at the Garrison recently and it was just a magical experience. Their set was much too short.
  2. Kendrick Lamar
    Confession: I hadn't actually really listened to Kendrick until the Wayhome festival in the summer of last year. My friend wanted to go to his performance so we went, and I don't think I'll ever forget this performance. The energy was wild. Just amazing.
    I've actually seen them twice, so this would be a third time, but I know it's still be worth it. Beautiful stuff.
    Joining Kendrick as one of the best shows I've ever been to, these guys were incredible. Period. Such a good time. I've never bopped so hard in my life.
  5. Evanescence
    Evanescence love entered my life during my teenage angst phase and has stayed with me since. Amy Lee's vocals for 2 hours. Enough said.
  6. Sam Smith
    Ears were made love to this night.
  7. Bear's Den
    Seen them 3 times. Would love a fourth
  8. Daughter and Rhye
    Two on one point because both were sick when they performed and were still amazing, but they wouldn't sing the high notes of their songs as much. I would love to hear them perform cold-free.
  9. July Talk
    Definitely too short a set
  10. Jose Gonzalez
    Absolutely magical
  11. City and Colour
    No explanation necessary
  12. Rihannon Giddens
    Was also at Wayhome. When I had listened to her album before going to the festival, and I noticed it had a country vibe to it which didn't take away from the sound, but (I imagined) might easily be amplified in a live show. I don't like country, so I was a bit skeptical going to her show. I was very silly to be skeptical. Sooooooooooo awesome