Things I have always/recently wondered
  1. Imagine how terrible we'd all feel if flowers and vegetables could feel themselves being ripped from the earth
  2. Are potions aqueous drugs? If so, is Hogwarts a lab for some hardcore stuff?
    On a related note, is Hermione the dealer we all need?
  3. Human memory is so awesome
    Like, we experience these pictures or facts created by this biochemical mass. And we can call upon them at will. So awesome.
  4. What is a Hotline Bling?
    "I know when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing," Drake croons. "Bling" seems to function as a verb here, but Drake does not answer to hotlines (or does he?)
  5. Maybe I'll try skydiving someday
    This will always be a thought. I'm unsure that I'll ever develop the courage.
  6. What if vegetables sang songs (a la Veggie Tales)?
    But they can't talk. They can just sing. Would we stop eating vegetables? Would we want to eat them all the more to end their racket? If we stopped, would it be because we considered them too "real?" If we didn't, would it be because we didn't consider them real enough? What does that say about perceived requirements for "personhood" or being?