1. January
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    The month Mark started coming to church, and this power squad was formed.
  2. February, pt. 1
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    This was the year of leading worship.
  3. February, pt. 2
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    Avory and I protested to doing DECA for the longest time, but ended up loving it and making it to the state competition.
  4. March
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    My first trip to Nashville, and the week I visited the 3 colleges that are now my top 3 choices to attend next year.
  5. April
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    The last school dance of many that I would be able to attend with Coleman. Still the best date I've had to one!
  6. May
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    The season of presidencies, May was a happy time. All the stress I put myself through junior year paid off when I was elected into several leadership positions. October me will tell you that those only caused more stress, but May me doesn't know that yet.
  7. June
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    I started my internship in the Hatch with some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. This outfit thing happened entirely on accident.
  8. July, pt. 1
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    The time "guys, let's take a cute intern picture with me laying across and y'all holding me" turned into them plotting to drop me all at once. It hurt, but it made for a great canon of photos.
  9. July, pt. 2
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    My first coffee house gig with the people I spent all day every day with, right before Alyssa left.
  10. August
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    Judging by the way you all shunned me for hanging out with them, I'm sure we can all agree that this photo accurately characterizes the month of August.
  11. September
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    The peak of my friendship with Eric. He was my partner in crime, my fellow "most spirited," and my homecoming date.
  12. October, pt. 1
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    One of the best and most memorable concerts I've ever been to, Mutemath. I was definitely the youngest person there.
  13. October, pt. 2
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    NASHVILLE with my two best guys and their all too friendly suitemate that thought it was appropriate to put his arm around me in entirely unprovoked situations...
  14. November
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    *in San Francisco*
  15. December
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    I still can't believe that I will be able to tell my children that I went to a Star Wars premiere. Thanks, Abrams, for making this possible.