Chapters for my upcoming autobiography, entitled "Work in Progress"
  1. Fat Baby
    This could honestly just be filled with pictures and it would be descriptive enough.
  2. Twelve Years of the Terrible Two's
    I was a punk kid until I was about 14. If my daughter is as sassy as I was I will probably put her up for adoption.
  3. Loud
    The middle school years.
  4. He Who Shall Not Be Named
    A chapter dedicated to the era in which I dated Nathan. In retrospect, the publishing company is going to wish they had edited this one out.
  5. Dreadlocks and Kaleidoscopes
    My painful hippie phase. You just don't understand the depth behind Grouplove.
  6. Workaholic
    Junior year characterized me as such, and not in the ironic Blake Anderson way.
  7. President
    The present chapter.