I've only just started season three, so cut me some slack on inaccuracy/omission.
  1. Ron Swanson: Carter
    The obvious choice.
  2. Leslie Knope: Avory
    Avory is always enthusiastic and passionate about the things she does, even when those things are not deemed practical by others. She's a rule follower, and she sticks to her pursuits even when people tell her she can't accomplish them.
  3. Ann Perkins: Mary
    Mary is the friend that is always there for Avory, and supports her no matter what. She's a great listener, and although she doesn't take so much of a front runner role in things, she's a quiet and sensible leader.
  4. Andy Dwyer: Tyler
    Tyler is the only one of us I could see living in a pit, and I mean that in the best way possible. He also is the most susceptible to collateral damage, as the knee has proven time and time again. I could see him digging Mary, too.
  5. Mark Brandanowitz: Parker
    Parker is Mr. Suave of the group. Much like his casting as Poe, his role as Mark suits him nicely.
  6. April Ludgate: Skye
    April is my personal favorite character, much like Skye. She knows when to speak her mind and be sarcastic, but she's ultimately a helpful asset to the whole group. She doesn't care what anyone thinks either.
  7. Tom Haverford: Mark