In a youth group far far away...
  1. Finn: Landon
    Both Finn and Landon remind me of a little puppy. But like a cool puppy, not an annoyingly hyper puppy. A dachshund puppy.
  2. Rey: chastise me all you want but I'm taking this one
    She's sarcastic, overly controlling, and feels like she needs to prove herself. You know she wears the pants. Also, SHE HAS THE FREAKIN FORCE?!?!?
  3. Han: Carter
    Even more sarcastic than Rey, and the only one who puts her in her place (very similar to mine and Carter's relationship...) Also Carter is such a dad, and Han is literally a dad.
  4. Chewy: Rugh
    Kinda just tags along with Han and tries to be the funny guy. Not saying he doesn't succeed sometimes...
  5. Leia: Rylie
    Leia's a chill gal! Rylie's a chill gal! Neither are much of the "take charge/bossy type" but they get the job done in a much nicer, more approachable way.
  6. Kylo: Stafford
  7. Poe: Parker
    Mister charming. Poe is a pretty talented, cool dude, much like Parker. But I do feel like Parker would give up BB8's location faster than I would.
  8. C3PO: Wesley
    Use your imagination.
  9. R2D2: Tanner
    Definitely overshadowed in this movie, but one of the most underrated characters. R2 is the handy man of the crew, and the gang can always count on him!
  10. BB8: Mark
    Utterly useless and no one wants him around.