1. 5th
    The weirdest, most fun, most laid back year.
  2. 10th
    All of Nick's friends were the coolest. Also I had like no school work.
  3. 3rd
    We had dance parties every Friday.
  4. 11th
    Hard school wise, but fun with extracurricular activities.
  5. Kindergarten
    I'm not sure I remember it... I had a sick Barbie backpack though.
  6. 12th
    Soooo done with high school.
  7. 8th
    Best year of middle school, but still middle school...
  8. 9th
    Nathan Hernandez. Enough said.
  9. 2nd
    I was like super fluent in French, but I remember my classroom feeling like a prison...
  10. 7th
    Awkward stage.
  11. 4th
    Mean teacher, mean kids.
  12. 1st
    Going into a French school without knowing French is a little traumatizing for a 6 year old.
  13. 6th
    Don't even think this needs an explanation.