Allow me to Listroduce myself

Cathrine H./Mom/Wife/Teacher
  1. My name is Cathrine. Not Catherine, not Kathryn, or Cathryn, and definitely not Cathy.
  2. I have a master's degree in literature. It nearly drove me mad trying to complete it.
  3. My kids make my day. They make me laugh, even if they don't mean to.
  4. I don't like crowds.
  5. I don't like the construction workers near my house.
  6. Netflix is my guilty pleasure.
  7. Once upon a time, I played college basketball.
  8. My husband is my best friend.
  9. I have three tattoos, a nose ring, and I would like more ink.
  10. One day I hope to drive a kick-ass SUV, because we need a lot of space.
  11. My husband's service dog, Memphis, is adorable, amazing, and a furry child.
  12. I teach college composition, and I love it.
  13. I'm addicted to iced coffee. Sweet tea is a close second.
  14. I love to travel. Finding college campuses is kind of on my radar. Love walking around them and checking them out.
  15. I love planners and being organized. It must be because I love school supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.)...and I hate using my calendar on my phone.
  16. I love my family.