This is the worst store in southern Illinois
  1. When asked to look up an item at the store, an employee said "they have it somewhere." I asked, "who is they?" He said, "I guess Sears."
  2. When asking an employee about a veteran discount he said,"I don't know if that's in my book or not."
  3. A woman purchasing a refrigerator yelled at a clerk, "can you not do your job? I asked for delivery! I can't put that in a car!" His reply. "Oh."
  4. The salesperson helping us today asked if we wanted to pay shipping on free shipping.
  5. The salesperson helping us told us that Sears did not offer a veteran discount even though we purchased a mower with a veteran discount.
  6. I will never shop at Sears in Marion. It is dirty and there is one person in each department. Most check their cell phones. I guess it is too hard to be a decent person or employee