This will be a list that grows over the years...
  1. "Oh my god. Is that a lab?"
  2. "I think he smells my dogs on me."
  3. "Do you have PSD, or whatever it is?"
  4. "Can I pet your dog?"
  5. "Is that a service dog?" (While looking at the vest that has a patch that says service dog)
  6. "Labs are my favorite dog. Do you like labs?"
  7. "Oh my god. Your dog looks like a dog that I use to have!"
  8. "Does he bite?"
  9. "Has he been trained?"
    Extensively. At eight weeks old he went to a facility in southern Illinois where he lived until he was a little over a year. Memphis was trained by some wonderful people at This Able Veteran, and he's also specially trained for my husband.
  10. "You look fine. Why do you have a dog?"
    No. Just please no.