1. Netflix. I binge watched Peaky Blinders today. I don't feel bad about it.
  2. My kids. 13 year olds are stressful, but that's okay.
  3. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. My husband hates it. It's okay, he's not perfect.
  4. Books. I love reading. Books are a great escape from this ugly world.
  5. Dogs.
    Cats creep me out real bad.
  6. Ink pens...gel pens. Pens with the comfort grip.
    I don't let students borrow my pens because I would never get them back.
  7. Traveling. Random road trips are amazing!
  8. The color blue...UK blue. Definitely not Louisville red.
  9. Carbs. So bad, yet so good.
  10. Sweet tea. And Dr. Pepper. And water—though sometimes I wish it tasted like sweet tea or Dr. Pepper.
  11. Leslie Knope. Love me some parks and rec.
  12. My couch. Comfy and cozy. Good for Netflix binges.
  13. My job. I love teaching.