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List of things people ask when you are engaged to a woman (and you are a woman) @ytzipori
  1. Who is the man? Answer: last time we checked, we are both women... Hence, lesbians.
  2. Do you both have rings? Answer: Yes
  3. Will you both wear dresses? Answer: Yes
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Things that should happen every week.
  1. 3 day weekends
    Hell, let's say 4!
  2. Taco Tuesday
    Man, I love tacos.
  3. Brunch
    Always bunch. Always.
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Words I wish never happened.
  1. YOLO
    The worst abbreviation out there. You only live once. No shit Sherlock. No excuse to be an idiot or an asshole.
  2. Ratchet
    How did this happen??? It doesn't even make sense. Are people trying to say Wretched??
  3. Irregardless
    That's not a thing...
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