Words I wish never happened.
  1. YOLO
    The worst abbreviation out there. You only live once. No shit Sherlock. No excuse to be an idiot or an asshole.
  2. Ratchet
    How did this happen??? It doesn't even make sense. Are people trying to say Wretched??
  3. Irregardless
    That's not a thing...
  4. Homie
    And now you sound like an idiot.
  5. Literally
    When it is not used literally... Webster's how could you cave???
  6. Cray-cray
    How is it harder to say crazy?
  7. Like
    I'm guilty here... Love/hate relationship with this one.
  8. Gay
    As someone who is, it's super cool that this means lame...
  9. Misunderestimated
    We can thank a former prez for this one...
  10. Brung
    It hasn't been broughten
  11. Expresso
    Is that a fast espresso?
  12. Supposebly
    Though Joey Tribbiani makes this lovable
  13. On fleek
    Please stop.
    Suggested by @ytzipori