These tips can work with any kind of paper!
  1. Ok so you have a month no need to start right now relax
  2. Three weeks left? Better make a plan and break it down into a task for everyday!
  3. You don't have to follow that plan you have three weeks come on
  4. Well you would start research today but you have a test and some other stuff to do so you need to focus on that
  5. You still have two weeks! You can finish that show on netflix
  6. Ok shoot only one week left
  7. Make a plan for what you need to do everyday of the week! You still got this
  8. You messed up the first day so just ignore your plan
  9. Things look grim, yes, but it's due next Tuesday and it's only Friday!
  10. Saturday is for resting and it's Halloween! Live a little
  11. It's Sunday and you have two days
  12. I'm screwed
  13. Please help