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  1. Dead fish
  2. Guns
  3. Camo
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  1. Damn
  2. Bowie
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Inspired by @lesbian. My angelsssssss
  1. 1.
    Kindness, maybe an actual angel?
  2. 2.
    Voice of a thousand angels.
  3. 3.
    Hotness. A face chiseled by God, perhaps like an angel?
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Sometimes there's nothing better than remembering how great you are. What helps you feel good about yourself?
  1. I remind myself that I'm fiercely loyal.
    My friends and family would confirm this, and those are the most important relationships in my life.
  2. Laughter
    Making someone laugh, watching/reading/listening to something that will make me laugh, hanging out with funny people. A reminder that I love to be happy, and there are so many ways to make myself happy.
  1. Muppet treasure island
  2. Puzzles
  1. Delete my Facebook
  2. Delete my Tinder
    Definitely embarrassing
  3. Delete all my texts
    Really, really embarrassing and I would die a second death if some people read some texts.
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Also just some notable hookups. This got a little personal and lengthy and therapeutic so thanks for letting me share.
  1. The "One"
    We dated from ages 18-22, things ended in January. Biggest change of my short life thus far- my future was built on the idea that we would be together. I don't know how to stop comparing every other guy to you. Our breakup was incredibly mutual, and honestly one of the most romantic moments of my life. I am so grateful to have had this relationship.
  2. The Rebound??
    In April. I definitely was not ready to date yet. I cried to this guy a lot. I was so used to being in a serious relationship, I thought every other relationship would immediately be serious and I had no idea how to do "casual." I wasn't ready to have sex yet, and he was super respectful of that. He tried to ghost me though and I wasn't having that 🙅🏼 He drunk texted me once and apologized for being a dick, so I guess that's cool.
  3. The Blonde
    First and foremost, blonde dudes just don't do it for me. So why did I hook up with this guy twice?? He was super into me at the bar and definitely thought I was cooler than I am. My best friend cried after we hooked up the second time because apparently he's a huge douche. I still see him at some parties and it's so funny to me
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  1. Yo
  2. I heard there's a big One Direction following on here???
  3. Why haven't I met you??
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