And brief descriptions
  1. For reference, these are the words I apparently use most often on Facebook, my least used social media site. Take that for what it's worth?
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  2. Tired (happy) life
    A self help book for how to cope with chronic insomnia
  3. One Man Now
    A classic post-apocalypse novel, this harrowing story tells of one man's struggle to exist alone in the world. The twist? Maybe he's not alone after all. (But he actually is completely alone, he's just super paranoid and always thinks a super-human species is watching his every move.)
  4. Love One Man
    A companion piece to Tyler Perry's Think Like a Man, this tells the story of five loving, monogamous couples. Turns out, even these seemingly happy couples all have trouble of their own.
  5. Love Me Back
    This short story introduces the reader to Lucy, a young girl trying to come to terms with her scoliosis-plagued back. Oh oops, the title of this is actually Love Me, Back.